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The video provides an interesting angle on giving and provides a memorable line: “Dude, he bought the pie.”  But it also could have been better.  It relies to heavily on stereotypes and overdoes the personification of the expenses.  

There is also an absence that is both alarming and , in a lot of cases, accurate.  There is no piece of pie given to service, charity, generosity, or others.  It could be argued that we give to others when we give to others and when we give to God/church, and church budgets do allocate resources for charitable or benevolent giving.  

But I think it’s also important to be generous givers beyond what we give to God/church, and this deserves a piece of the pie as well.  God has given generously, and gives us the ability to produce wealth (Deut 8:17-18).  

Because we have received from God, we are called to be generous with our money, resources, and time.  Actually, we are commanded to do so in Deut 15:11.  

There will always be poor people, and God’s will is for his people to live life openhanded.  Openhanded…what a strong and challenging image for a culture of grasping for more.  

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